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ISME - Interuniversity Center of Integrated Systems for the Marine Environment

The Interuniversity Center of Integrated Systems for the Marine Environment (ISME) has been founded in 1999 with the aim of supporting research activities in the fields of marine technologies and oceanic engineering. Current members are the Universities of Genova, Salento, Pisa, Politecnica delle Marche, Cassino and Southern Lazio, Bologna, Roma La Sapienza, Calabria, Firenze.

The researchers of ISME are all active in oceanic engineering and marine technology research focusing mainly on the following research topics:

Marine robotics 

Underwater Acoustics, Communication and Networking

Renewable Energies

Modeling and Simulation

ISME benefits of the research infrastructure of the participating departments (laboratories, workshops, etc.), and has the purpose of exploiting sinergies and collaborative efforts among the participants within an agile and flexible organizational structure.




  • Marine Robotics

    Technology: ROV, ASV, AUV, I-AUV, Manipulators

    Applications: intervention, survey and exploration, team operations biological imaging, biological sampling, archaeology, positioning and localization systems

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  • Underwater Acoustics, Communication and Networking

    Technology: sonar systems, acoustic imaging, geoacoustics

    Applications: team operations, positioning and localization systems, intervention, marine mammals monitoring, active detection, harbor protection, performance prediction

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  • Renewable Energies

    Technology: Wave maker, open-sea facility, open sea beacon

    Applications: wave generation, WEC experimental facility, sea-sate controlled environoment, open-sea monitoring

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  • Modeling and Simulation

    TechnologyGIS-based-DSS FOR Harbor protection

    Applications: performance prediction

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  • SeaLab


    REseArch LABoratory on heterogeneous and autonomous marine systems

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ISME- Interuniversity Center of Integrated Systems for the Marine Environment

Administrative Headquarter Offices 
Via all'Opera Pia, 13
16145 Genova (Ge)
Phone (+39) 010 353-2983/353-2982
Fax (+39) 010 353-2948