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ISME - Interuniversity Center of Integrated Systems for the Marine Environment

The Interuniversity Center of Integrated Systems for the Marine Environment (ISME) has been founded in 1999 with the aim of supporting research activities in the fields of marine technologies and oceanic engineering. Current members are the Universities of Genova, Salento, Pisa, Politecnica delle Marche, Cassino and Southern Lazio, Bologna, Roma La Sapienza, Calabria, Firenze.

The researchers of ISME are all active in oceanic engineering and marine technology research focusing mainly on the following research topics:

Marine robotics 

Underwater Acoustics, Communication and Networking

Renewable Energies

Modeling and Simulation

ISME benefits of the research infrastructure of the participating departments (laboratories, workshops, etc.), and has the purpose of exploiting sinergies and collaborative efforts among the participants within an agile and flexible organizational structure.




  • Marine Robotics

    Technology: ROV, ASV, AUV, I-AUV, Manipulators

    Applications: intervention, survey and exploration, team operations biological imaging, biological sampling, archaeology, positioning and localization systems

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  • Underwater Acoustics, Communication and Networking

    Technology: sonar systems, acoustic imaging, geoacoustics

    Applications: team operations, positioning and localization systems, intervention, marine mammals monitoring, active detection, harbor protection, performance prediction

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  • Renewable Energies

    Technology: Wave maker, open-sea facility, open sea beacon

    Applications: wave generation, WEC experimental facility, sea-sate controlled environoment, open-sea monitoring

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  • Modeling and Simulation

    TechnologyGIS-based-DSS FOR Harbor protection

    Applications: performance prediction

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  • SeaLab


    REseArch LABoratory on heterogeneous and autonomous marine systems

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  • Marine Robotics Workshop @IRIM Conference 2023

    ISME is the organizer of the 

    Marine Robotics Workshop

    Friday 20th October, 2023, 11.45-13.30 (Rome time)

    hosted at the
    Italian Conference on Robotics and Intelligent Machines


    Rome, Fiera di Roma, Pav. 5 Room O

    All interested parties are welcome!

    Download the program.

    Alessandro Ridolfi, ISME - Univ. Firenze
    Gianluca Antonelli, ISME - Univ. Cassino
    Giovanni Indiveri, ISME - Univ. Genova

    Scope and format

    Over 70% of our planet's surface is covered by water and over 96% of all Earth's water is in the oceans. The oceans host a wealth of natural resources and play a key role in environmental and climate change processes. Robotics may provide fundamental tools for studying, understanding, and exploiting the marine environment. Marine Robotics is characterized by specific challenges related to the adverse and harsh physical conditions (underwater pressure, waves, tides, currents, winds, salinity, biofouling, etc.) as well as technological issues (unavailability of electromagnetic transmissions underwater, low bandwidth acoustic communications, complex power management policies, etc.). This Workshop aims to cover the wide range of scientific, industrial and application interests regarding marine robotics. The language will be technical, but not academic to make the contents enjoyable by a not necessarily highly specialized audience. The speakers will illustrate recent trends and technologies and will provide a glance of possible future developments.





    Friday 20th October, 2023 @ I-RIM 3D




    Welcome, Alessandro Ridolfi, ISME - Univ. Firenze

    Roboticist, Assist. Professor



    Davide Cosimo, Italian Navy (CSSN)

    T.V. of the Italian Navy (CSSN)



    Lino Magnoni, Fincantieri SpA

    Head of Unmanned Systems Integration, Fincantieri SpA



    Andrea Caffaz, Graal Tech Srl

    Roboticist, CEO, Graal Tech Srl



    Gianluca Antonelli, ISME - Univ. Cassino

    Roboticist, Full Professor










  • ISME is hosting the European Community of Marine Robotics


    EMRA2021 is going to take place virtually hosted by ISME at the University of Pisa

    On next July 7th and 8th the European Community of Marine Robotics is going to meet online during the yearly Workshop EMRA (EU-funded Marine Robotics and applications).


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  • Localisation Approaches for Underwater Autonomy - Test in La Spezia

    watch the video

    In the weeks 5-9 and 26-30 October, 2020 the Naval Support and Experimentation Centre (CSSN) hosted the test LAUA (Localisation Approaches for Underwater Autonomy) in the framework of the programme Trans-national access activities (TNA) of the H2020 European EUMarineRobots (EUMR) (https://www.eumarinerobots.eu/home) project.

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  • TNA call Opens: apply for the EU Open Lab for Marine Technology


    EUMR (EU Marine Robots) is a network connecting marine robotics research infrastructures from ten European countries, to form a big Open Lab for researchers, scientists and companies.    

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  • MareBOT, la competizione dedicata alle scuole

    La Challenge MareBOT è promossa da Università Politecnica delle Marche e ISME in occasione di Rome Cup 2020.

ISME- Interuniversity Center of Integrated Systems for the Marine Environment

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